How To Explore A New City – Top 7 Tips

Traveling is about exploring and experiencing new places, people and experiences! Use these tips to discover a new destination and begin checking items off your bucket list.

1. Public transport is a good option.

It’s not only about reaching your destination that counts. You should also take in everything you see on the way. Public transportation will allow you to explore more of an area, and you’ll also get to know the locals. It’s also cheaper than an Uber or taxi!

2. Plan your day, but don’t plan everything.

You learn something new about your surroundings every day. Don’t forget that planning your trip can bring you peace of mind. But don’t forget about leaving some space for exploration. You don’t want your trip to be limited by the places and activities you can find in different cities. You’ll find yourself saying “if only I had more time ” almost everywhere you go.

Make sure you have enough time to make changes in your itinerary! This, along with public transport, can help you get the most out of your trip.

3. Let yourself get lost.

You could decide to stop at any random station to see what you find. You may find it easier to follow a route to check off all the points on your map. However, you might discover that there is more to the city than what the travel websites tell you. You can explore the culture of the city by stepping away from the tourist areas. Travelers who are curious can find many hidden gems around the world.

4. You can talk to strangers.

Don’t be shy about starting a conversation. In Venice, I could hear almost every language spoken around me – except Italian. We were in Italy, right? My friend and I decided to pull off in one of the side streets, and yes, we allowed ourselves get lost. On my way to the museum, I stopped at a street artist who drew my portrait. After he finished, we began to talk and he shared his experiences growing up in Venice.

Locals are able to recommend and share the best places in a city. When I talk to strangers, some of the most interesting and friendly people have come up.

Meeting people also gives you contacts. It’s great for if you want to come back or if someone is in a position to present you with future opportunities .

5. Try the food.

You may be pleasantly surprised by the food. You may not have heard about the spiciest fish on the planet. Surstromming, or fermented herring, is one of the Swedishest things that Sweden can offer. After living in Sweden for one year, I decided to have the complete experience. I convinced a friend to join me in this experiment: at Midsummer Eve, we opened the can and ate this disgusting slime. We almost puked.

My visit to Poland, however, introduced me to pierogi a dish I had never tried before, but absolutely loved.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy both experiences. But I only got them because I was willing to try new things.

6. Try everything.

If you want to make the most of your trip (and life), then it’s important to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. You should accept an invitation to travel or try something new. This is another reason why you should have contacts and strangers in your life. Do it, regardless of any doubts or fears you may have. I have traveled independently, ridden a zipline and hiked for 21 kilometers through the Austrian Alps. I’ve also attended a rock festival and visited the Arctic Circle. You might end up with some incredible stories.

7. Take home a souvenir.

You’ll want to hold onto your souvenirs for a longer period of time if you get something unique and personal. Find something that represents the culture or buy a handcrafted item in a local store. This will help you diversify your collection of travel souvenirs and remind you of your experience.

Two beautiful handmade books I bought in Budapest at the castle are included in my collection. I also bought some volcanic rocks from the historical eruption of Mount Vesuvius at Pompeii and Herculaneum. Everyone has their own style of travel. You should do what you think will give YOU the best experience. Save money on your flight and hotel with special student deals. Safe travels!

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